The Twinkle Winky


During my hostel days, we had the liberty to at least lie on the green grassy lawn for hours and talk about nothing when our minds are saturated with images of microscopic slides and assignments. Usually we choose to meet at night, so that while our mouth chat, our eyes gets the delight of viewing the twinkling stars. Stars and moon were my other non living companions throughout my life and i always wanted to have a telescope to enjoy them close up. 

Walking on the terrace while talking to my mom, with my heads up carefully trying to count the stars of different colours and sizes was another favourite of mine. In between the conversation i would interrupt her “oh wow mummy i jus saw a shooting star!” The stars keep me entertained every night for an hour all those five years ! Tats how much time i spent talking on the phone with mom. 
But when i finished my graduation and came back for good, slowly i wasn’t in a condition  to watch the stars as i would back in the college days or back when i used to chase the moon through the car windows. I had to go to work, take up responsibilities and no more late nights. Sigh! How i missed the stars.. i wish i had them in my hands now. Then i got married, bla bla.. no more time to gaze up into the sky. 

Now i’m a busy mom who likes to spend the whole weekend at home with the little darling teaching her age appropriate activities and games. This word prompt gently reminds me of our meeting. At the labour room, when she was recieved on the 5th nyt of June, that tiny being with big bright eyes looking into mine… i was speechless, but it ringed me what i had asked for not long back. God gifted me an angel who has the most beautiful twinkle in the eyes..winking at me innocently, and the best part is that i can watch them endlessly in my arms.. how sweet!