Regarding the mode passion, Sri Krishna says in text 14.7,

                   rajo ragatmakam viddhi


                  tan nibadhnati kaunteya

                  karma- sangena dehinam

“The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, O son of Kunti, and because of this the embodied living entity is bound to material fruitive actions.” The mode of passion gives rise to various kinds of sense gratification, such as sexual attraction, excessive attachment to family, society, and country, and constant engagement in fruitive action. All sense gratification results in karmic reactions and consequently repeated birth and death. Hankering for enjoyment and working hard for it are the traits of a person in this mode.

Sense gratification includes competing and working hard for fame and honor. 

Passionate struggles in any field of life impede progress toward liberation. Thus the mode of passion binds one to the material world.

Excerpts from Bhagawad Gita ch 14:7