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You cannot cheat a dentist


Here i am, waiting in my room to extract a rotten tooth which gave sleepless nights to an elderly man. There was silence in the room and i was patiently gazing at his mouth, waiting for the local anaesthesia to numb his right lower jaw.

So this is my routine for most of the days in a week, alternating with fillings and denture appointments. One thing i notice with the small fraction of patients here, or anywhere, is the tendency to cheat on something they think we can’t figure out.

They would blindly say their tooth broke because of a poor filling, where it actually fractured after they bit on a chicken bone during a local festival in ecstasy. Some deny the fact that they smoke, where the clear grey line in their palate tells us he/she is a chronic smoker. How cutely they try their luck to mend their broken dentures for the “second” time not knowing we sensed a cheating on a mere look at it.

Anyways, our prime job is to satisfy every patient who come here for a relief. These little psychology of people we are dealing with had pretty much helped in understanding types of people and the ability to treat them accordingly. What more if you love your job that it is no longer categorised as one. Cheers

Krishna’s home

Well, i’m starting off with a welcome note to all readers.. as well as for my Krishna! This picture was taken when my daughter admiring her own footprints which she helped me doing it for Krishna’s janmashtami. In my next blog im going to show you how to make a cool kheer/payasam in this summer season. Stay tuned folks…