Sshhh…! Said the lady in the library looking crossly at two giggling girls. Aahh… what else should you be doing in a library. Silence is boring; but its not.
 Silence, it is the universal language used to communicate, and express our utmost feelings to someone. Words are comprehended only when there is a pause in between them. But when the pause is longer, it conveys messages which words fail to deliver.

Silence is golden. In an argument, being silent does not make one coward, but wise. The dissatisfied party however calms down when the opponent is quiet. Or else, there is no way to end it.

People who loves solitude understands the meaning of silence better. They are the ones who likes to be alone, but not lonely. They utilise the time assimilating their surroundings, give no chance for another person to judge them, let their mind and soul wander into the vast possibilities but also not idle. They look like introverts with boring mind but you wil be amazed on what brilliance their mind holds. Kids are advised to have a boring do-nothing time to stimulate their creativity.

Silence is meditation. It brings in focus and sharpens our concentration energy. We need to create a time in our daily life where we are able to communicate with our own self. It teaches us when to talk and how necessary it is to master the conversation. As the saying goes ” a meaningful silence is always better than  meaningless words”


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