MangO JellO

It’s Friday folks! Last weekend i introduced my baby with mango ( yea i know its pretty late but i was waiting to give her our home grown organic mango which was planted last year) and it was worth the wait! She liked the sweetness but after giving her a few pieces i decided to make something out of the mangoes.

Then i thought about making mango jelly using agar-agar. FYI, agar-agar is extracted from seaweed/algae, with zero calories and zero sugar and is loaded with fibre in it. It is a great food to be given to toddlers and vegans, so i’ve tried it with mango puree. As simple as it is.


Preparation time : 5 mins

Cooking time : 10 mins

Things that you need:

  1. Agar-agar  – 1/3 cup ( i used the strand type here because of the ease of storage)
  2. Water – 350ml
  3. 1 ripe mango – pureed
  4. Honey – optional


  1. Prepare all ingredient

Agar – agar

Pureed mango

2. Heat water in a pan and boil it. Then add the agar-agar strands and mix it well. 

3. Once all the strands have dissolved, add the pureed mango and again mix well. You can add your preferred sweeteners if you like at this stage. I used one tablespoon of honey.

4. The mixture will thicken after few minutes. Continue mixing for another minute and turn off the flame.

5. Pour the agar-agar liquid into any tray or even you can use ice cube trays for it. I simply poured them on a shallow bowl and kept it under room temperature to set.

6. Agar-agar usually takes lesser time to set in room temperature if made right. Mine took about half an hour to set and it was all ready to be nibbled by my little one. Happy trying.

Mango jello ready


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